The Soldier by Rupert Brooke (B. A. II)

The Soldier by Rupert Brooke
About the Poet:Rupert Brooke, (born Aug. 3, 1887, Rugby, Warwickshire, Eng.—died April 23, 1915, Skyros, Greece), English poet, a wellborn, gifted, handsome youth whose early death in World War I contributed to his idealized image in the interwar period. His best-known work is the sonnet sequence 1914.  BORN August 3, 1887 RugbyEnglandDIED April 23, 1915 (aged 27) SkyrosGreece
At school at Rugby, where his father was a master, Brooke distinguished himself as a cricket and football (soccer) player as well as a scholar. At King’s College, Cambridge, where he matriculated in 1906, he was prominent in the Fabian (Socialist) Society and attracted innumerable friends. He studied in Germany and traveled in Italy, but his favourite pastime was rambling in the countryside around the village of Grantchester, which he celebrated in a charming and wildly irrational panegyric, “The Old Vicarage, Grantchester” (1912). In 1911 his Poems were published. He spent a year (…

Features of Comedy of Manners- Notes (B. A. II)

 Features of Comedy of Manners IntroductionThis genre refers to English Comedies written and performed in the Restoration Period from 1660 A.D. to 1710 A.D. It is also called as Restoration Comedy. It is an entertainment form which satirizes the manners and affections of social class or of multiple classes. A manner is a method in which everyday duties are performed.As compared to the tragedy of the Restoration Age, this genre achieved greater distinction and shame. It was the most characteristic product of Restoration Literature & reflects the spirit of the age more comprehensively than its prose and poetry.Dryden was the first to write Comedy of Manners with his Wild Gallant, which was a failure. He wrote several other Comedies of Manners also which were more successful.Features of Comedy of Manners 1. It depends upon the dramatists’ capacity to present the unemotional treatment of sex.2. It is rich with wit and satire and gives the image of the time.3. The heroine is more impor…

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B. A. III Introduction to Literary Criticism Video Lectures

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B. A. I, B. A. II and B. A. III English Syllabus

P. A. H. Solapur University, SolapurSyllabus2020-21
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B. A. I Compulsory and  Optional English
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B. A. III Compulsory and  Special English

Love One Another by Khalil Gibran (एकमेकांवर प्रेम करा- मराठी भाषांतर)

मराठी भाषांतर 
एकमेकांवर प्रेम करा - खलील जिब्रान  एकमेकांवर प्रेम करा, परंतू नका करू प्रेमाचा करार.त्याऐवजी बनू द्या त्याला आपल्या आत्म्याच्या किनारी फिरणारा समुद्र.
एकमेकांचा कप भरा, परंतू नका पिऊ एकाच कपातून.
एकमेकांना आपल्या भाकरीतील तुकडा द्या, पण खाऊ नका तीच भाकरी.
एकत्र गा आणि नृत्य करा आणि आनंदी रहा, परंतु स्वतंत्र असू द्या तुमच्यातील प्रत्येकजण.
अगदी सतारीच्या तारादेखील स्वतंत्र असतात तरी थरथरतात त्या मात्र एकाच संगीताने. आपली हृदये द्या, परंतु एकमेकांना सांभाळण्यासाठी नको.
फक्त आयुष्याच्या हातात असू शकतात हृदये आपली.
आणि एकत्र उभे रहा, तरीही जास्त जवळ जवळ नको .

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